We specialize in providing our clients with the best equipment, service and price to secure our customers sites. Beams and PIR Sensors are used on the scaffold and will instantly set off the alarm. The alarm can either call a monitoring station, security personnel, and key-holder or alert you via your mobile phone.

We hold the latest technology to secure your site, our Beams and PIR sensors will keep false alarms down due to them not being set off by rain, snow, birds, small animals or snow. Below is our full list of construction site security services….

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All our engineers are fully qualified and accredited.


Scaffold Alarms

  • Ensure buildings safety once scaffold is assembled
  • Alarms are linked to 24 hour monitoring station/GSM
  • Allows up to four nominated key holders
  • 24/7 emergency response unit
  • Scaffold alarm can be linked to CCTV systems
  • Mains free battery operated systems
    • Our battery operated system is the perfect solution when there is no power available. It’s ideal for small scaffolds andsite offices. It is a quick-and-easy installation and comes complete with GSM monitoring.
    • Other benefits of using our Battery Operated System:
    • Wireless operation so no call-out charges
    • Fast set-up and dismantling
    • Up to 20 detectors can be run from one system
    • We use a 4-year Lithium battery giving system longevity



  • Alarm activated flood lights
  • Provides an environment of high quality light
  • Lights can be used repeatedly on multiple sites
  • Can be adapted to all construction sites
  • Able to withstand all weather conditions
  • Pedestrian and walkway lighting
  • Provide high visibility for pedestrian walkway and crossing areas
  • Easily attached to building exteriors
  • Lights are lightweight and environmentally durable
  • Fluorescent Strip Lighting available for covered walkways
  • We also supply floodlighting for sites, compounds and cabin setups



  • 24 hour remote monitoring system
  • Site protection for complete confidence
  • All recorded material can be linked straight back to client
  • Receive a flawless and constant stream of all onsite activity
  • Easy installation and dismantle process
  • Live monitoring from a mobile phone