At Express Site Solutions we supply and install a range of hoist solutions including smaller beam, gantry, and scaffold hoists – we can also advise you on the type and positioning of the hoist

We operate a dedicated and experienced team who specialize in providing quality machinery to be delivered and installed in accordance with the project specification.

One of our hoist representatives can visit your site to advise you on the recommended type and positioning of the hoist. Not only this, one of our representatives will carry out a site-specific risk assessment and provide you with a Health & Safety pack.

We provide the following service:

  • On-going operative support throughout contract
  • Fully equipped fabrication workshop to carry out in-house repairs & site-specific requirements
  • Full service and Health & Safety checks on all machines prior to deployment (provided as part of the Health & Safety pack)
  • We employ only qualified hoist instructors who offer both familiarization and full hoist-operator training.